Crossing the Streams– Coaching and My Patreon

How can you resist a banner like this? ;D

Most people who come to me looking for coaching have heard of me through my art and comics, and so like chocolate and peanut butter, I’ve decided to combine two great things that go great together! ;D By offering my coaching services on a limited basis as Patreon subscription tiers for people who may be more comfortable working that way.

Specifically, there are three Creativity Klatch seats, as well as three full coaching service openings. Both of these include a Patreon subscriber discount, as well as access to all of the lower tier benefits for people interested in my art and merchandise.

For members of the Creativity Klatch especially, this is a great deal on the “whole package.” C’mon over and let’s get started!

Creativity Klatch Registration Now Open!

“[John] is more than an artist, he’s also a life coach and his help is AMAZINGSAUCE!”

  • Is your project stuck?
  • Has your project not even started?
  • Do you need accountability partners?

    The Creativity Klatch program is a weekly meeting of creative minds. For 90 minutes each week, we will select two participants to receive intense coaching on their selected project, with input and support from the group. This is a great way to get support and move your projects forward, while making some new friends along the way.

    The group will meet on Thursday nights from 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST, and spots are limited, so sign up now for the December-March group! The price is $250/month, payable via Paypal or Square. Sign up today!

    PRIVACY: Your e-mail address is stored privately and used only for e-mail newsletter subscriptions and site updates. We do not share your data with anyone.