Time for new beginnings!

My Services

You can hire me one-on-one for an extended program of intense personal coaching, or take advantage of my group or self-contained options.

Full Package • $3,000

  • Four months of coaching with the option of monthly renewal at the end
  • Four one-hour calls per month, plus spot-coaching on an as-needed basis
  • Create and track project plans, as well as creating support structures for accountability
  • Distinguish your essence, survival mechanisms, and life’s purpose

“A La Carte” Project Plan • $400

  • Two one-hour stand-alone calls to create an empowering structure for your project
  • Distinguish your vision– what the final product will look like and what it will mean for you
  • Create milestones and action items that will get you started, as well as rewards and support structures to help you stay on track

Introductory Call/Essence Conversation • No Charge

  • 90 minutes (roughly) to distill your “true self”
  • Learn the core concepts of how coaching works, and explore how to create a powerful difference in your life TODAY

Ready to Get Started?

E-mail me today and we’ll set up a free call to discuss possibilities!